Time out space for adults

Do you find yourself constantly being bombarded by social media, texting, emails, family and life demands? A constant connection to the world? Sometimes (even though we’re adults), wouldn’t it be nice to have a time out from all this busyness.

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Secrets to designing an inspiring home office

The home office is becoming less of an anomaly and more of a necessity as increasing numbers of people work from home at least a day or two a week.

But as amazing as working from home can be (pajamas

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Surprising ways a happy home influences your life

Your home is more than just where you lay your head down at night. It’s where some of your greatest relationships play out, meals are shared, and where you binge-watch your favourite show. It’s no wonder a happy home can

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The evolution of the office cubicle

The creator of the office cubicle, Robert Propst, was a sculptor and designer. His goal was to improve the design of things already in existence.

Take, for example, the office work environment. He realized that employees all sat together

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3 smart ways to use sliding doors in your home renovation projects

With the light at the end of the tunnel of winter becoming brighter, it’s a great time to think about home renovations. Whether it’s a remodeling project or some cosmetic changes, here are 3 smart ways sliding doors can be

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Sliding into the Hygge trend


Have you heard about the Hyyge Trend? If you haven’t yet, you will soon. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”), is a Danish word used to describe a state of coziness, comfort, and wellbeing.

Dr. Mark Williamson, director of Action for

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It’s the right time to modernize your office

It’s late summer—and employees are taking time off work in droves.

Meanwhile, you are left at the office…basking in the quiet, or wishing you could be doing the same as your colleagues.

Don’t despair. Their temporary absence presents a perfect

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5 ways to combine rustic and modern—with sliding barn doors  

Sliding barn doors have become quite the trend in interior design—mainly for their ability to add warmth, texture and drama to a room.

But perhaps you face this dilemma: while you adore the appearance of old wooden barn doors, their

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Be your own door designer with this free interactive tool

Thinking about installing new sliding doors in your home—but not sure where to begin?

We understand. With hundreds of doors and product features to choose from, the options can be overwhelming.

That’s why The Sliding Door Company has developed this

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There’s no place like a SOHO home office


Do you work the SOHO way?

For the record, we’re not talking about Lower Manhattan.

Short for Small Office/Home Office, “SOHO” refers to a space for fewer than 10 employees (often just one!), often within the business owner’s residence.

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