Have you heard about the Hyyge Trend? If you haven’t yet, you will soon. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”), is a Danish word used to describe a state of coziness, comfort, and wellbeing.

Dr. Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness, a think-tank and social change movement, encourages people to embrace this trend. He explains  “allowing ourselves some Hygge time to boost wellbeing leaves us better placed to help others”.

Growing in popularity, this trend isn’t going to disappear any time soon – 2017 is supposed to be the year for Hygge.

Want to know more about it and how you too can embrace this trend of wellbeing?

Here are a few suggestions:

There’s more to Hygge than a blanket and wool socks

A key element of this philosophy is to create a space that embraces your sense of wellbeing. If you aren’t cozy and comfortable in your own home, you can’t be Hygge in your life.

Make your home Hygge friendly

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Looking for some inspiration on how you can incorporate the Hygge trend into your home? Click here to get started!

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